Spa Safety Tips

Spa background

Water balance and sanitizer have to be maintained. Make it your duty to ensure that the water is clean and free from all kinds of harmful bacteria before you insert a spa. This can be accomplished by frequently shocking the water and the maintenance of the entire alkalinity and PH of water for controlling microbes in the water.

Disinfectant level, TA, and PH can be examined by making use of the most appropriate test strips. There is as well a microbe test present now for testing bacteria in the spa water.

Storage of chemicals and spa supplies. It is essential that additives, cleaning elements and compounds utilized in a spa are stored in a cool, dry place and well-aerated place. Also, it should be stored away from direct light from the sun and in a place where the children cannot reach put into consideration to always go through the guidelines indicated in the elements before usage.

All spa compounds should not be incorporated before adding water to the spa. Instead, you need to dissolve the dry elements one by one, in clean water in a plastic container. It is at this juncture that you can pour this bucket of water and ingredients into the hot bath tub. This is accomplished to avoid possible destruction to the acrylic shell or PVC liner of the spa which arises from automatic contact to the undissolved granules of the compounds.

Consumption of alcohol and drugs in the spa. It is very risky consuming alcohol and medicine when in the spa as the warm water tends to magnify the causes of the alcohol and drugs. This may result in very detrimental significances. So in case you take medication, seek advice from your specialist for guidelines on the appropriate use of prescription medicine in the spa. Rather than consuming alcohol, some individuals prefer taking a chilled soft drink, water or colored juice when calming in a Spa in Vienna VA.

 The correct water temperature. The national spa and pool authorities indicate that 104 degrees F are the maximum warm water temperature for any spa. Sitting for long hours in water with increased temperatures tends to result in increased body heat to hazardous levels.   This is the reason as to why modern spa is set in the manufacturing industry to avoid exceeding the set limit.  Feel free to watch this video at to know more about spa.

To read more on the importance factors when choosing a spa, check out

Precautions for small kids and infants. In case the kids are to get access to the spa, they need to introduced bit by bit to get used as time goes by to the variation in temperature without any fear of distress.

It is not okay for expectant mothers to get access to a spa without consulting their physicians.


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